3D Printing Applications

Protect your 3D filaments

Preserve the best print quality possible

Protect your high-performance 3D printing materials from moisture by using a filament Drying and/or Storage Cabinet.
Filament cabinets are crucial for maintaining and preserving the best print quality, and many professional and industrial printers come with them. However, if your printer lacks a filament storage option, or you have excess filament, a Dry Cabinet is essential to safeguard against light, dust, degradation, and most importantly moisture. Our SuperDry desiccant cabinets deliver outstanding performance for drying and storage of 3D printing filament.

The advanced technology of XSD desiccant cabinets delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60°C) for active and fast moisture removal  These temperatures are well within the “glass transition temperature” of even the least heat resistant polymers. Higher temperatures will affect the filament properties changing them from hard and brittle to soft, molten and unusable.

On the other side, our storage cabinets are optimal for storing new filament for your 3D printer to prevent moisture from entering your product. Our storage cabinets maintain a humidity of <5% which stops moisture absorption in the stored products.



Storage Solutions

Moisture absorption properties of filament are influenced by several factors, including the type of material, the ambient humidity, and the duration of exposure. For instance, Nylon is known to be a highly hygroscopic material and absorbs moisture quickly from the air. PLA, is up to 10 times less hygroscopic than nylon, but can still absorb a significant amount of moisture over time.

By using a proper storage solution, key materials can be kept in prime condition and will not be subject to deterioration caused by moisture.
Our Dry cabinets are used to guard against 3D printing problems typically caused by moisture:

  • Increased Brittleness
  • Uneven extrusion lines
  • Filament Bubbling
  • Diameter Augmentation
  • Filament Degradation


Storage Cabinets

FAQs about 3D Printing Application

Which Dry Cabinet can be used best to actively dry my 3D printing materials?
Our Fast Drying Cabinets from the XSD Series delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60°C) for fast moisture removal. If this is too powerful, we offer alternative cabinets with heating.
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Which Dry Cabinet can be used best to store my 3D printing materials?
To store your materials, any cabinet from our storage range is suitable. When logging of the cabinets atmosphere is one of your concerns, then SD+ series is advised.
SD+ Series
Why do I need to store filament in a dry atmosphere?
Filaments are hygroscopic, that means they attract moisture. Different filaments absorb moisture at different rates, but there are a few common signs that show your filament is too moist.Popping or cracking sounds when extruding, Uneven extrusion lines, Increased Brittleness, Filament Bubbling and Filament Degradation.

Other applications


Electronics Applications

Keeping moisture out of electronic components before they enter the manufacturing process is a critical concern for the electronics industry. Ever increasing miniaturisation of electronics, including thinner components and new materials has made the management and treatment of moisture sensitivity an increasingly critical element of electronics manufacturing and product reliability. Electronics manufacturers are thus challenged to manage larger volumes of parts in a controlled and traceable manner. By implementing Dry Storage Solutions like Dry Tower, Dry Room or Dry Cabinets on your factory floor, you can eliminate potential moisture-related defects in IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Also with lead-free soldering, the proper handling and care of MSDs has become even more critical than ever. Storage Solutions from Totech EU deliver and maintain ultra low relative humidity of less than 1% RH. All our Dry Storage Solutions are designed for reliable dry storage of SMD packages following removal from moisture barrier bags and storage of PCBs during manufacturing.
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Laboratory Applications

SuperDry Cabinets are ideal for the safe Storage of important biotech, physical, chemical and medical materials. Our Storage Cabinets are trusted by leading laboratories around the world to protect laboratory materials that are sensitive to moisture. The Cabinets are used in high profile laboratories, guarding against deterioration caused by moisture. We’ll dehumidify important biotech, physical, chemical and medical materials under ambient temperatures to eliminate the threat of damage caused by heating stress. Stored in Totech Cabinets, key laboratory materials can be kept in prime condition and will not be subject to deterioration caused by moisture. In particular, Totech technologies are especially suitable for the storage of water solutions and microscope lenses, since both are extremely sensitive to moisture. Get more information about our Storage series for moisture-proof, anti-oxidation dry storage of laboratory materials.
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Medical Applications

Dry Cabinets from Totech Europe are currently used in research institutes and medical facilities around the world to deliver moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage for a wide range of technologies. Dry storage of medical samples, pharmaceuticals, experiment samples, powdered materials and surgical instruments are just a few of the applications being enabled by Totech cabinets in a wide range of hospitals and health departments. Completely Nitrogen free, our dehumidification can be controlled from 0.5% to 25% RH. SuperDry Cabinets from Totech can incorporate exceptionally fast recovery time, ideal for applications requiring frequent access. They are available in a variety of sizes from small to walk-in rooms, and with gentle (40˚- 60˚C) heat for accelerated drying of thermally sensitive materials. Or cooling down to 10˚C below ambient temperatures. The diverse demands of medical and biotechnology applications make Totech’s wide range of low humidity solutions an ideal choice.
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Digital Media & Film Applications

Media such as microfilms should be stored properly and away from moisture. The data can be damaged when exposed to moisture. Without effective Dry Storage, film, photographs, video tapes, microfilms, CDs and DVDs for example, can face damage that limits the effective lifetime of materials. The SDB Dry Storage Solution of Totech Europe will protect all kinds of digital media and film, safeguarding them from high humidity for best-condition preservation. Our SDB Series Storage Cabinets have been specifically designed as low cost, entry-level models and feature the basic functions. The patented U-4001 drying unit guarantees constant low relative humidity ≤5%RH for medium to long-term storage and oxidation risks associated with long term storage can be avoided. All surfaces are ESD coated to conform with current ESD 61340-5-1 standards.
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