Dry Storage Cabinets

Safe Storage and (fast) Drying Cabinet Solutions! Our desiccant cabinets protect a wide range of products against defects caused by humidity. They are designed to exceed IPC/JEDED J-Std-033D and can dehumidify to less than 0.5% RH. This not only qualifies them for unlimited safe storage, but also means they can safely remove moisture, resetting floor life without oxidation, even at ambient temperatures.

Our Dry Cabinets are used for a multitude of applications; Electronics & PCB assembly, watchmakers, solar industry, optoelectronics, microelectronics, medical, laboratory, 3D printing, digital media & film and more.

  • Safe storage to ensure the quality of your MSDs
  • Safe drying of MSDs to reset the MSL floor life
  • Ensure quality at production of MSDs
  • Logging and documentation of the storage/ drying process

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Automated Storage and Material Logistics with Dry Tower

Dry Tower systems offer you multiple possibilities to reduce costs, maximize productivity and improve process security. The key is to create a concept that fits the needs of your production floor perfectly. Using standard modules and our years of project experience, we are able to create a highly efficient, time saving and profitable materials Storage and Handling projects for some of the most successful electronics companies worldwide.

  • Automated SMD storage system
  • Modular design
  • Volume optimized Storage in Controlled Atmosphere
  • Integrated in MES systems
  • Compatible with Totech Storage Manager Software

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Dry Rooms, tailor-made storage solutions

Our custom-built walk-in Dry Rooms have a modular design. They are tailor-made and ideal for feeder trolleys, WIP carts, PCB racks and much, much more. The energy efficient dual wall insulated steel construction makes them perfect for drying at 40-60°C as well as unlimited safe storage <5%RH. Totech Europe will assist you in choosing the right dimensions, Drying capacity and software for your specific application. We use top-quality series components and advanced technology to build Dry Rooms that meet your requirements.

  • Scalable solution for Storage and Drying
  • Drying, cooling and heating
  • Access controlled by Totech Smart box
  • Compatible with Totech Storage Manager

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