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The Totech Storage Manager software suite that keeps you connected and enables you to organise, supervise, locate, and track the moisture sensitive devices used in your entire factory. The storage and handling of MSDs are important topics that you want to control. With Totech Storage Manager you can fully monitor and secure this process. With safe storage comes high-quality manufacturing.

Totech software works perfectly in combination with the different hardware solutions of Totech Europe. This software suite is developed for the Smart Connect range, from Dry Cabinets to Dry Rooms and all automated solutions.

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Why choose Storage Manager software

  • Relevant data from all your moisture sensitive devices stored
  • Compatible with all “Smart Connect” products from Totech Europe
  • Compatible on smartphones, scanners, desktops, and tablets
  • Notifications on smartwatch
  • Possibility to integrate with ERP/MES systems

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Discover Totech Storage Manager

The Totech Storage Manager Suite consists of four separate modules, they are explained briefly below. Together, they give you full control over the Handling and Storage processes of your products. It’s possible to configure this suite to your own application. Do not hesitate to contact Dave Brehler about the possibilities of the software within your production process.

Dave Brehler
Sales Manager Non Automated Products
+31 (0)38 2031051

Logging Module

The Logging Module is the base unit within the Storage Manager suite. It ensures that data such as, relative humidity and temperature measured by the systems sensors, is retrieved, and logged. The data is saved to the database automatically and can be viewed or downloaded on multiple devices such as desktop computer or tablet. There is no limit on the number of sensors that can be logged with the Logging Module.

  • 24/7 control of your storage process
  • Easy status overview of all storage / drying equipment
  • Friendly user interface
  • Web based – (no installation per device needed)


Monitoring Module

The Monitoring Module is an extension of the Logging Module. It enables you to set alarms for your storage/drying equipment and get notifications when they are triggered. Notifications can be raised by the Storage Manager on the dashboard of multiple devices, by email or even through an optional smartwatch extension. Alarms which can be triggered: humidity alarm, door-open alarm, temperature alarm.

  • Pro-active controlling of storage process
  • Alarm at power loss
  • Multi-level alarm notifications
  • Web based – (no installation per device needed)


Locating Module

The Locating Module allows you to create storage locations in your Totech system. This enables you to store your products in or take them out by scanning. This module keeps track of the storage location and timing of the storage processes. A FIFO or FEFO principle can be set to guide your operator. If MSL is one of your concerns, the additional MSL Status Module must be acquired. The Locating Module can be upgraded with Pick-by-Light hardware to make it even more easy to find and pick the right products.

  • Efficiency win at picking process
  • Performance improvement cabinet
    (shorter door openings)
  • FIFO or FEFO guidance by software
  • Compatible on a hand-held scanner


MSL Status Module

The MSL Status Module is an extension of the Locating Module needed when you want to track the floor life of your moisture sensitive devices. This module will not only keep track of the time a product is in or out of a location but also calculates the remaining floor life and drying status according to JEDEC-J-STD033D or the Totech reference drying table.

  • Full control of your moisture sensitive devices
  • Always know the exact floor life of your components
  • Dynamic drying calculations of floor life according to the Totech reference drying table
  • Notifications when a component is out of floor life
  • Fully integrate able with MES / ERP systems

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I download the Totech Storage Manager?
It is not possible to download the Totech Storage Manager Software directly from our website. Contact us for more information.
Contact us about Totech Storage Manager
Which smart scanners work with Totech Storage Manager software?
All smart scanners running on Android 13 or higher can be used. Totech offers a Pre-installed Zebra TC21/26 hand-held scanner for Storage Manager Suite.
Is Totech Storage Manager software Windows 10 based?
Yes it is! The TSM software database is installed only on one server PC. Once this is installed, almost all devices can access the user interface via web browser. PC's / Scanners / Phones / Tablets (all connecting to the main server, no installation needed)
Is it possible to integrate Totech Storage Manager software with an MES or ERP system?
Yes, this is possible. We can help you to integrate the Storage Manager software with standard interfaces or customize the integration if needed.
Is it possible to integrate Totech Storage Manager software with an MES or ERP system in a later stage?
Yes, this is also possible. We can help you to integrate the Storage Manager software with standard interfaces or customize the integration if needed.
What are the minimum PC configurations to install TSM software server on?
The minimum requirements are: • 4 core processor • 16GB RAM • 50GB HDD • Windows 10, 64bit or later / Windows server 2019 or later • MSSQL server 2019 or later It can also be virtual machine.
Does Totech Europe offer pre-installed PC's?
Yes we do!
Can you install the Totech Storage manager Software yourself?
No this is not possible! The TSM software is always sold including a remote installation, configuration and training.

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