XSDC Series

long term storage & cooling


Long Term Storage & cooling

The Super Dry XSDC long term storage cabinet has an outstanding performance for long term storage of moisture sensitive components and PCB’s, combating the risks of intermetallics and oxidation usually associated with long term storage. The U-5000 series dynamic drying unit reaches very reliable, low humidity values of <5%RH and automatically regenerates if necessary whilst the powerful cooling unit maintains a constant temperature of 10°C below ambient temperature. High insulation values are ensured by a glazed double-wall & a foam inner body. As a result, the precise temperature of 10°C below environment temperature can be reached with very low power consumption. A radial fan supports the drying process and achieves an equable temperature and moisture level in the cabinet. Process data is obtained by use of a highly accurate Rotronic sensor.

Outstanding performance

  • Insulation: 60 mm sandwich construction with Polyurethane
  • Interior LED lighting 
  • Door & temperature alarm buzzer
  • Adjustable legs for levelling out
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Full stainless steel body
  • 5m Power supply cord with IEC plug
  • Ethernet interface with optional software

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