SD Series

Flexible in volume


SD Series Storage Cabinets

The SD series storage cabinets from Totech comprises a wide range of different models. Thanks to their advanced design, chrome steel standard shelves and reliable drying units, these cabinets offer maximum protection for medium- to long-term storage. The SD range starts from 150 liters up to 1700 liters with a variety of options and configurations.

Humidity performance

SD Series storage cabinets deliver outstanding performance to store your moisture sensitive components and PCBs as a result of a high-performance drying unit. The U-2000 series drying unit reaches very reliable, low humidity values of ≤2% RH but during daily operation with regular door openings an average of <5% RH is guaranteed. Humidity, temperature, and alarm functions are shown and can be adjusted on a digital display. The cabinet series ensures optimal storage conditions at a relative humidity <5% RH with efficient energy use. Totech’s SD series are made to store your moisture sensitive products. Storage cabinets <5% RH are perfect to stop your MSL floor life and freeze it as long as needed.

Feeder systems

Within our SD range we have the possibility to add various feeder systems to make storage of a feeder+reel assembly even easier.

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Feeder Systems 

For the SD 1704 we can provide custom made Feeder racks. Totech offers many different feeder storage solutions such as:

  • ASM X or S
  • FUJI
  • Panasonic
  • Mix of brands in one rack / cabinet

One of the biggest benefits of a feeder rack in a cabinet is that operators do not have to dismantle and mantle a reel from its feeder before and after storing them. Looking for storage of an entire feeder trolley, without the need of taking feeders from the trolley? Please check out our custom Dry Rooms which can work as a storage garage during the weekends.

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Frequently asked questions about SD SERIES

What is the maximum volume of an SD Cabinet?
The standard SD range starts at 150L up to 1700L.
Can I add more shelves to the standard 5 pieces in the SD Storage Cabinet?
Certainly! You can add more fixed shelves. We also have an option to integrate sliding shelfs for SD Series.
Can SD Series Storage Cabinets connect to the Totech Storage Manager?
As standard, the SD Series can not be integrated within a network and therefore not connect to Totech Storage Manager. The SuperDry data logger is needed for this, available as an option.
How many drying units does the SD cabinet have?
The SD 151-21 up to SD 702-21 have 1x U-2000 drying unit. The SD 1104-21 up to SD 1704-21 have 2x U-2000 drying unit which means redundant drying.

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