ESDA Series

Acrylic cabinets


ESDA Series Storage Cabinets

The dry storage cabinets of the ESDA series have been designed with transparency in mind. Engineered for medium to long-term constant low humidity storage of ≤5% RH, they come with a wide range of equipment options, such as nitrogen flows & can be equipped with or without drying units. The ESDA series is ESD safe.


  • High-quality acrylic cabinet body
  • ESD-safe materials
  • Lockable doors
  • U-2000 drying unit (ESDA 402-21 and 804-21 only)
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Frequently asked questions about ESDA SERIES

Are these cabinets ESD safe?
Yes, the full in- & exterior are ESD safe.
Can I use the ESDA for resetting purposes?
No, this is built as a storage model. Resetting will take a long time because of the humidity and temperature levels.
Can the ESDA Series Storage Cabinets connect to the Totech Storage Manager?
No, the ESDA Series can not be integrated within a network and therefore not connect to Totech Storage Manager. The SuperDry data logger is needed for this, available as an option.
How many drying units does the ESDA cabinet have?
The ESDA-402-21 and 804-21 have 1x U-2000 drying unit. The -00 series have no drying units in the cabinet.

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