MSD Series

Modular design


MSD Drying Cabinets

Drying starts <2% RH

The MSD Series modular Dry Cabinet is designed for easy extension to suit your needs. Incorporating our extremely powerful, U-5000 dynamic Drying Unit, the main MSD Dry Cabinet can be expanded to 3600 liters without the need for an additional Drying Unit on every module. The closed loop drying system automatically responds to changes in atmosphere and frequency of door openings, reducing regeneration times. It delivers precise humidity control to ≤ 0.5% RH with traceability.

The cabinet that grows with your demand

The MSD series from Totech Europe is the only modular Drying Cabinet that can be expanded as your storage and Drying needs increase.

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Reel Racks with Pick-by-Light

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MSD Series Drying Cabinets are ready to be integrated within a network.

During operation, Pick-by-Light can help you visualise the location of your components and displays the current MSL status with different LED colors. The combination of our MSD Series and the Totech Storage Manager Software makes sure that all information is well documented and connected to your MES / ERP on request.

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frequently asked questions about MSD SERIES

What is the maximum volume of an MSD-1222-55 & MSD-1223 combination
The maximum volume of this combination is 3600 liters! This entails placing one MSD-1223 on the left side and one MSD-1223 on the right side of the main MSD-1222-55 Dry Cabinet.
Can I add more shelves to the standard 4 pieces in the MSD Dry Cabinet?
Certainly! You can incorporate up to 16 shelves into the cabinet, resulting in a 50mm gap between each shelf.
Can this Dry Cabinet connect to the Totech Storage Manager?
Absolutely! The MSD Series are equipped with an Ethernet connection and a Hygroclip HC2A-S sensor, allowing seamless integration with the entire range of Totech software solutions.
More about Totech Storage Manager
How many reels can be stored in a MSD Series?
In the main unit, MSD-1222-55, you can accommodate 352 reels. Additionally, in the MSD-1223 add-on, you can fit 400 reels.Please note that this calculation is based on using standard reel racks to hold up to 330x8mm reels. The main and add-on modules differ due to the presence of a drying unit positioned at the bottom of the main MSD-1222-55, resulting in two shorter shelves in that section.
How many Pick-by-Light reel racks can I add?
You can select up to 4 Pick-by-Light shelves per MSD cabinet.

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