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SDB Series Storage Cabinets

Handle your Moisture Sensitive Devices safely!

SDB Series Drying Cabinets are engineered for medium- to long­-term storage. The storage cabinets are equipped with a patented U­-4001 drying unit. The drying unit delivers outstanding drying performance. The drying unit guarantees constant low relative humidity ≤5% RH for medium- to long-term storage of moisture sensitive components and PCBs. Oxidation risks associated with long-term storage can hereby be avoided.

Stop the floor-life time of your components or MSDs

The SDB Series of dry storage cabinets is ideal for the moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage of wide-ranging technologies and conforms with IPC/JEDEC J- STD-033D and IPC-1601. When storing in <5% RH your floor life is stopped for unlimited amount of time. Not only electrical components can be stored, all products which must be kept away from moisture absorption are able to be stored safely without the need of heated atmospheres.

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Frequently asked questions about SDB SERIES

What is the maximum volume of an SDB Cabinet?
The SDB comes in 2 different volumes, 150 or 1100 liter (1100 L in 4 or 6 doors.)
Can I add more shelves to the standard 5 pieces in the SDB Dry Cabinet?
Certainly! You can add more shelves into the SDB series.
Can I use SDB for storage purposes?
Yes, the SDB is made as a storage cabinet (<5% RH) which is not frequently opened during the day. The cabinet is optimal for medium- to long-term storage of products. Therefore recoverytime of door openings is not the fastest we offer.
Can I use SDB for drying purposes?
We recommend different models for drying, since in this process, doors are opened more frequently. We guarantee <1% RH during the day with our drying cabinets, such as: HSD,MSD and XSD(B) series.

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