HSD Series

Maximum process safety


HSD Series Drying Cabinets

Drying starts <2% RH

The HSD Series Drying Cabinets deliver outstanding drying for moisture sensitive components and PCBs as a result of a high-performance drying unit. This makes it an ideal Storage Cabinet for operations that require frequent access. The dynamic 5000 series drying unit reaches very reliable, low humidity values of ≤ 0.5% RH and automatically regenerates if necessary. Humidity, temperature, and alarm functions are shown and can be adjusted on a digital display. The cabinet series ensures optimal storage conditions at a relative humidity below 1% with efficient energy use.

Feeder systems

The Drying Cabinets of the HSD series come with a high-performance drying unit, precision measuring technology and an intuitive control panel. Also, HSD Cabinets can be equipped with various feeder systems.

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Feeder Systems 

For all HSD series we can provide custom made Feeder racks. Totech offers many different feeder storage solutions such as:

  • ASM X or S
  • FUJI
  • Panasonic
  • Mix of brands in one rack / cabinet

One of the biggest benefits of a feeder rack in a cabinet is that operators do not have to dismantle and mantle a reel from its feeder before and after storing them. Looking for storage of an entire feeder trolley, without the need of taking feeders from the trolley? Please check out our custom Dry Rooms which can work as a storage garage during the weekends.

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HSD Series Drying Cabinets are ready to be integrated within a network. The combination of HSD Drying Cabinets and the Totech Storage Manager Software makes sure that all information is well documented and connected to your MES/ ERP on request.

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frequently asked questions about HSD SERIES

What is the maximum volume of an HSD Cabinet?
The HSD comes in 2 different volumes, 1179 - and 1700 liter, 4 or 6 doors.
Can I add more shelves to the standard 5 pieces in the HSD Dry Cabinet?
Certainly! You can add more fixed shelves. We also have an option to integrate sliding shelfs for HSD series.
Can this Dry Cabinet connect to the Totech Storage Manager?
Absolutely! The HSD Series are equipped with an Ethernet connection and a Hygroclip HC2A-S sensor, allowing seamless integration with the entire range of Totech software solutions.
Can I use HSD for storage purposes?
Yes, the HSD is ideal as a storage cabinet (<5%) when they are opened very frequently. Due to the strong drying unit, recoverytime to setpoints is within < 15 minutes.
Can I use HSD for drying purposes?
Yes, the HSD can also work as drying cabinet <1 % RH. For even faster drying solutions, look to our XSD(B) series which combine <1% RH with stable heat from 40-60 ºC

HSD Drying Cabinets for


Medical Applications

Dry Cabinets from Totech Europe are currently used in research institutes and medical facilities around the world to deliver moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage for a wide range of technologies. Dry storage of medical samples, pharmaceuticals, experiment samples, powdered materials and surgical instruments are just a few of the applications being enabled by Totech cabinets in a wide range of hospitals and health departments. Completely Nitrogen free, our dehumidification can be controlled from 0.5% to 25% RH. SuperDry Cabinets from Totech can incorporate exceptionally fast recovery time, ideal for applications requiring frequent access. They are available in a variety of sizes from small to walk-in rooms, and with gentle (40˚- 60˚C) heat for accelerated drying of thermally sensitive materials. Or cooling down to 10˚C below ambient temperatures. The diverse demands of medical and biotechnology applications make Totech’s wide range of low humidity solutions an ideal choice.
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Laboratory Applications

SuperDry Cabinets are ideal for the safe Storage of important biotech, physical, chemical and medical materials. Our Storage Cabinets are trusted by leading laboratories around the world to protect laboratory materials that are sensitive to moisture. The Cabinets are used in high profile laboratories, guarding against deterioration caused by moisture. We’ll dehumidify important biotech, physical, chemical and medical materials under ambient temperatures to eliminate the threat of damage caused by heating stress. Stored in Totech Cabinets, key laboratory materials can be kept in prime condition and will not be subject to deterioration caused by moisture. In particular, Totech technologies are especially suitable for the storage of water solutions and microscope lenses, since both are extremely sensitive to moisture. Get more information about our Storage series for moisture-proof, anti-oxidation dry storage of laboratory materials.
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Electronics Applications

Keeping moisture out of electronic components before they enter the manufacturing process is a critical concern for the electronics industry. Ever increasing miniaturisation of electronics, including thinner components and new materials has made the management and treatment of moisture sensitivity an increasingly critical element of electronics manufacturing and product reliability. Electronics manufacturers are thus challenged to manage larger volumes of parts in a controlled and traceable manner. By implementing Dry Storage Solutions like Dry Tower, Dry Room or Dry Cabinets on your factory floor, you can eliminate potential moisture-related defects in IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Also with lead-free soldering, the proper handling and care of MSDs has become even more critical than ever. Storage Solutions from Totech EU deliver and maintain ultra low relative humidity of less than 1% RH. All our Dry Storage Solutions are designed for reliable dry storage of SMD packages following removal from moisture barrier bags and storage of PCBs during manufacturing.
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