Vacuum packing

Safe transport and Storage


SDV Series vacuum machines

SDV vacuum packaging machines are particularly suitable for use in ESD protected areas. The primary use of our vacuum sealing machines is for the electronics market to seal all types of moisture sensitive electronic products and components including SMDs, semiconductors, microchips, memory chips, sub panels and PCB’s. The controlled reduction of humidity and oxygen content ensures secure storage and transport conditions.

Humidity control

The SDV series vacuum packing machines: an ideal packaging solution for safe transport and long term storage of components and moisture sensitive materials. Because of a very high % of vacuum and optionally nitrogen addition you can maintain an atmosphere compared to 5% RH, safe for unlimited MSL storage.

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Controlled vacuum packing

SDV series vacuum machines of Totech offer big benefits in handling your packing process.

  • Sensor controlled vacuum, always reach the right level, a repeatable proces.
  • ESD safe machine, in- & exterior
  • 99 memory programs, easily set your preferred packaging method.
  • High quality Busch vacuum pump.
  • High pressure sealing bars for Z-3000 controllers.
  • Nitrogen gas flush for safe packaging of products @ 5% RH.


Next to the SDV machines, Totech also offers the dedicated consumables, such as:

  • Various sizes of high quality Moisture Barrier Bags, 155 μm
  • Desiccant bags
  • Humidity indicator cards

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Frequently asked questions about SDV SERIES

What is the difference in basic and regular series?
Our basic series do not offer high pressure sealing bars. This can be helpful for thick MBB bags. Also basic series have a smaller vacuum-pump.
What is the difference between Storage in a MBB vs a Storage Cabinet?
In an MBB bag you will reach 5% RH which is equal to a storage cabinet. But the MBB can not be used for more than 2 years, without repacking.
Are bigger SDV machines possible?
Yes, Totech offers larger and also deeper machines on request.

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