Totech Europe through the years

As the experts in the Handling and Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices, we are serving the industry since 2004.
Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to develop and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of innovative,
durable and safe Dry Storage Solutions to a diverse customer base around the world.

To ensure your production processes meet the highest quality standard possible you can choose from a wide product portfolio.
The Totech product range offers fully automated systems such as:


Where it started

2004 – Foundation of Totech Europe BV in the Netherlands

2005 – Foundation of Totech GmbH as Sales and service office in Germany

2006 – Foundation of a Sales office in the USA

2007 – Change from a sales to a production company “Made in Europe”

2010 – Development of a fully automated storage system

2011 – Installation first Dry tower


Totech Europe grows

2013ISO 9001:2015 Certification

2017 – Become Member of the ASYS Group

2018 – Launch Totech LTS Solutions

2019 – Cooperation with RoodMicrotec


The Future of Totech

2020New Totech head office in planning

2022 – Moving into our new head office

2024 – Totech Europe 20 years 

2025 – Building the future

2026 – ….