Two decades of Safe and Dry Storage Solutions!

It’s the year 2004, the use of ‘lead’ in solder alloy is banned due to EU legislation, Jos Brehler, CEO of Totech Europe, starts his company with the knowledge that, by eliminating lead from the solder alloy, the moisture related issues increase dramatically due to the increase of pressure on the parts by raising the reflow temperatures for this new alloy.

As a result, components which hold too much moisture during reflow will cause defects due to Popcorning (vaporizing moisture creating micro-cracks), which can lead to failure of the entire assembly. Long story short, the solution to prevent these defects, a dry and conditioned storage environment for MSL components. The birth of the first Dry Cabinets in Europe is a fact.


ATM Table

The specialist in Dry Storage Solutions

The ambition to become the specialist in Dry Storage Solutions grew from early on. That is why in 2007, Totech Europe changed from being a sales company to a product development and production organization! To become even stronger in the Automated Dry storage solutions, Totech Europe joined as a proud member of the ASYS Group in 2017. Together with ASYS Group we offer a unique product portfolio for manufactures in many industries. first to know!


Connecting safe storage to Smart manufacturing

Today we are ‘Connecting safe storage to Smart Manufacturing’. Our vision is, to be the leading supplier of Sustainable Dry Storage Solutions for electronic manufacturers worldwide. When we look back at the last two decades, we see a bright future ahead! To celebrate the first 20 years of Totech EU we gave our website a big update.

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