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Fast Drying Cabinets

Fast drying  <1% RH + Heat (40 ºC – 60 ºC)

XSD Series high-end desiccant dry cabinets are designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC/JEDED J-STD-033 and 1601 for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices. The advanced technology of XSD desiccant cabinets delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5% RH) and mild temperatures (40-60 °C) for floor life reset. This has been proven to replace traditional oven baking of components and boards at a fraction of the cost and risks. With a standard insulation of 60mm and a very airtight housing, this model is able to offer a very precise heating and drying profile, especially for accurate drying and resetting.

Fast floor life reset of your components!

The XSD(B) series Fast Drying Cabinets deliver outstanding performance for floor life reset of components and drying of Reels, PCBs, as well as 3D filament and moisture absorbent materials of all kinds. Due to extremely fast recovery times of our XSD series, opening the doors is no problem, even during drying processes. The XSD cabinet with its powerful U-5000 series drying unit will make sure the average humidity is <1% RH during the day.

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Smart Reel Racks with Pick-by-Light

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XSD Series Fast Drying Cabinets are ready to be integrated within a network and able to connect to Totech + third-party software.

During operation, Pick-by-Light can not only point the location of your requested components but it will also display the current MSL floor life status with different LED colours. States as: Dry, in drying process and wet are displayed in 3 different colours. This is unique in the market and a big step towards fully managing your MSL process around components.

The combination of our XSD Series and the Totech Storage Manager Software makes sure that all information is well documented and connected to your MES / ERP on request.

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frequently asked questions about XSD SERIES

What is the maximum volume of an XSD series?
The maximum standard volume is 1390 L. (XSD-1412-55). Totech offers custom XSD cabinets as XSDV (variable) which can be any size.
Can I add more shelves to the standard pieces in the XSD Series Cabinet?
Certainly! You can add a maximum of 30 shelves in XSD-1412-55 and 15 shelves in XSD-701-55. Also drawers are possible to add instead of shelves.
Can this Dry Cabinet connect to the Totech Storage Manager?
Absolutely! All XSD Series cabinets are equipped with an Ethernet connection and a Hygroclip HC2A-S sensor, allowing seamless integration with the entire range of Totech software solutions.
More about Totech Storage Manager
Can I use XSD series for storage or only drying / resetting ?
Storage of reels is highly recommended in a cabinet without insulation at room temperature. The XSD's insulation is so strong that the temperature will be too high for storage, even when the heater is turned off. So we advise our storage range cabinets for this application.
How many Pick-by-Light reel racks can I add?
You can select up to 8 Pick-by-Light shelves in a XSD 1412-55. Pick by light is not available for XSD-701-55.

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