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Long Term Storage FAQ's

Where is the Long Term Storage location?
Our facility is based in The Netherlands.
Long Term Storage
In what atmosphere are the products stored?
The products will be stored in a controlled atmosphere <5% RH and 13-14 C degrees.
How are the products protected from dangers?
The facility is externally guarded by thermal + visual camera's and a special security system. The interior has smoke detectors and a Wagner Oxyreduct system which generates a lowered oxygen % to prevent fires from igniting.
How do you calculate the costs for storage?
We will charge you a price per bin (600 x 400mm), per year.
Do you offer testing of components?
Yes, we have a close corporation with RoodMicrotec GmbH which is a dedicated test facility for all kinds of highly advanced testing possibilities.

General FAQ's

In which countries is Totech Europe active, and where can I buy you products?
Totech Europe is active in the entire world with a strong dealer network in Europe, United States and direct offices in Asia region. Please fill out the contact form below. Our local representative will contact you as soon as possible.
Contact me
How can I contact your service department?
Please fill out the Service form by clicking the button below. Our Service department will get in contact with you as soon as possible.
Is Totech Europe ISO 9001:2015 certified?
Yes we are! Our Storage Solutions and services minimize component failures, component waste and optimize component quality. Totech Europe, cares about the quality of your products!
Quality standards