Solder Paste Storage

Safe storage of Solder Paste

It is very important to safely store solder paste before using it in production. When solder paste is exposed to heating, freezing or moisture, it reduces its performance and lifetime. Therefore Totech developed a storage solution especially for solder paste cartridges and jars. The XSDC 601-05 Cartridges Module & Jar Module are made to protect the solder paste from a moist environment and keeps them in a controlled environment between 0-12ÂșC. Next to that with the sliding trays, it stores the cartridges and jars in a FIFO manner, to make sure you use the solder paste with the first expiry date at first. Both modules can be expended with an additional software suite in the Totech Storage Manager, with the solder paste module you will be able to track and trace the solder paste through a complete cycle of: storage, tempering and production.

Cartridges module

The FIFO Cartridges module is designed to store solder paste cartridges, tip-down. The flexible module can hold both small and big cartridges. With the turning spring, you spin the module, fill the cartridges into the sliding trays which slides them to the front. After filling it, you turn it back again and it’s locked in position, leaving the oldest solder paste at the front of cabinet and can always be filled FIFO. The combination of big & small cartridges can hold up to 105 pieces, if you fill the module with just small cartridges it can hold up to 175 pieces.

Jars module

The Jars module is a shelve in which you fill the jars at the back of the shelve, just as with the cartridges module a sliding tray is in place, which slides the jars to the front. Making the oldest solder paste available as first. Each shelve has six separated sliding tracks, each shelve can hold up to 42 jars. A total of 3 shelves can go into the cabinet, having room for 126 jars into the cabinet.


Totech Storage Manager

Solder Paste Module

The Solder Paste Module is an extension of the base logging module and the monitoring & locating modules. With the solder paste locator, you are able to track and trace the solder paste’s location and timestamps throughout different “warehouses” in the factory. The cooling cabinet, tempering area and printer can be added as separate warehouses within the software module. Tracing all the processes of storing, tempering and the production of your solder paste within the software module. The Storage Manager can trigger emails on certain set timeframes to make sure your solder paste is handled in the correct way along the process.